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Is a Vasectomy Covered By Insurance? It Depends So See How To Find Out

Well it’s come down to it. You have decided that more children (or none at all) is not something you are going to pursue. After my third child – who was a surprise – my wife and I decided that we were done having kids. When you find yourself in a similar situation you will probably be looking at your health insurance plan. But is a vasectomy covered by insurance?

booklet used to keep track of insurance payments and doctors appointments

Like all medical procedures there are a lot of things you will need to check on to determine if your medical insurance company will help pay for a vasectomy. The good news is that it is not difficult to find out how your insurance company handles getting snipped.

What Is A Vasectomy?

Put simply, a vasectomy is male sterilization. It is a surgical procedure in which a doctor cuts or blocks the vas deferens, which are tubes that carry sperm to the rest of the body to be mixed with fluids that create semen.

After a vasectomy your body will still produce semen, it just will not contain sperm, meaning you cannot get someone pregnant. The sperm that is blocked by the vasectomy end up getting absorbed by the body.

Surgical instruments scissors and scalpel laid on on a table prepared for a vasectomy procedure

After your vasectomy, you will be asked by your doctor to ejaculate a lot to make sure you get rid of all of the extra sperm that could get into your semen. This can be done through sex or ejaculation. Once you have done that you will have to give a semen sample to a lab to check to see if the vasectomy is effective.

It is important to note that a vasectomy is not 100% effective. It is possible for the vas deferens to reconnect so that sperm can mix with semen once again. I had to sign several waivers noting that I understood the risk.

Is A Vasectomy Painful?

The actual vasectomy procedure is not painful if done correctly. When my doctor started cutting he asked what my pain was on a scale of 1 to 10. When I said a 2 he said that was good because if the local anesthesia wasn’t working then I would have been at a 10.

That being said, the days after the vasectomy surgery were very painful for me. It was hard to walk, and just sitting in a chair was painful. My balls were killing me.

sewing ball with pens in it is what testicles feel like after a vasectomy

My doctor gave me a small prescription of pain killers. I ended up having to ask for a refill, which got me to the end of the pain period. In all, it was about 3 weeks before I felt no pain at all.

Bottom line…if your doctor tells you you’ll feel better in a week, don’t believe him.

Are You Awake For A Vasectomy?

This was one of my first questions. I wanted to know if I’d be awake for my vasectomy. The answer was yes, I was wide awake. The anesthesia was a local anesthesia, so I was able to actually talk to the doctor while the procedure was taking place.

I liked being awake for the vasectomy, because there was no recovery time and it didn’t take as long to get in and get out of the doctor’s office.

The vasectomy only took about 15 minutes once the doctor got started, so I was in and out in on time.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Vasectomy?

The cost of a vasectomy depends on if you have insurance. Without insurance, the cost of the procedure is around $1,000.

With insurance, the cost is a few hundred dollars less. A look at my Blue Cross Blue Shield online portal shows that the procedure costs anywhere between $453 – $906 in my area, depending on which provider performs the surgery.

Piggy bank with two black eyes. It takes more than a piggy bank to pay for a vasectomy

The cost an individual member would pay would depend on the plan design of their health insurance plan. We’ll get into that more down below.

But first, you need to determine if a vasectomy is covered by your insurance plan.

Is A Vasectomy Covered By Insurance Plans Available To Me?

Most insurance plans cover vasectomies. They are routine procedures, and they are preventive in nature, meaning that while an insurance plan will spend a few hundred dollars, the procedure will most likely keep other more claims, i.e. pregnancy, from ever occurring.

But to find out for sure if a vasectomy is covered by your medical insurance plan, do these 3 things.

Check Your Plan Summary

All insurance plans come with a detailed plan summary. If you have a plan through your employer, you can ask for the Summary Plan Description, or SPD. This may have information on vasectomy coverage.

man sitting at a table counting money while asking is a vasectomy covered by insurance

Call The Insurance Company

I work as a health insurance consultant. I sometimes get calls from clients about coverage for individual procedures. While I am always happy to help, I also advise the customer that they will get a more complete answer if they call the insurance company directly.

The number to your insurance company is on the back of your ID card, and while many people don’t like to use the phone, it’s still the best way to find out how your insurance plans work.

When you talk to the insurance company directly, you will be talking to someone that has all of your information and all of your plan’s information right in front of their eyes. Plus, that person will be able to tell you where you stand with your deductible and out of pocket maximum, so you will know how much you will have to pay for the vasectomy.

Talk To Your Human Resources Department

If your health insurance plan is through your employer or your spouse’s employer, they can also help find out if a vasectomy is covered by your health insurance plan.

I would still try to go straight to the insurance company first, but you can also get help by contacting your Benefits Manager. If he or she doesn’t know offhand if you’ll have coverage, then they will know the right people to ask.

The Benefits Manager had a hand in designing the benefit plan, so they will definitely be able to get you an answer.

What Will A Vasectomy Cost You If You Have Insurance?

Up above I discussed the average overall cost of a vasectomy. But if you have health insurance you may not have to pay that entire cost. It all depends on what your plan design calls for.

The best way to get an idea of how much the sterilization procedure will come out of your own pocket, you can take a look at your plan’s Summary of Benefits and Coverage, or SBC. An SBC is a requirement of the Affordable Care Act, and it clearly outlines your deductible, coinsurance, copays, and other aspects of your plan.

dollar bills spread out on a table

When it comes to deductibles, if you are covering your family on your plan you will need to know if your deductible is an embedded or aggregate deductible. An embedded deductible will be more beneficial to you, and it could be the difference between paying for the entire cost of a vasectomy or just part of it.

You will also want to pay attention to your out-of-pocket maximum. Once you and/or your family have reached the out-of-pocket maximum you will no longer be required to pay anything for a network medical or pharmacy service. Some people plan out a vasectomy and other surgeries during years where they have already reached their out-of-pocket maximum.

In fact, many times a vasectomy can be done without any out-of-pocket costs. How? Well, many times men get vasectomies after the birth of a child, and the mother and baby might have enough claims to get a family to the out-of-pocket maximum. If this happens, and you get a vasectomy in the same plan year, you won’t have to pay anything as long as the procedure is performed by a doctor in your network.

How To Find An Insurance Plan That Covers Vasectomies

If you need to find a health insurance plan that covers vasectomies, the best way to find one is through an online marketplace or exchange. When you do this you will be able to compare multiple plans for the benefits and price that are right for you.

The marketplace I recommend is eHealthInsurance. They are able to quickly get you the best rates side-by-side so you can make the best decision for your family.

Finishing up

Getting a vasectomy is a big decision. There is enough to worry about without having to stress over how to pay for it.

Follow the steps above, and you can be sure that you will know exactly how a vasectomy will impact you financially.



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Blue Cross Blue Shield Review – Medical Insurance

I wanted to put together this Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance review because when it comes to purchasing health insurance, especially purchasing it on your own, is a complicated process. If you’re not working in the trenches every day like I am, it is difficult to know what you should be looking for in a medical plan.

When we look at potential medical plans we tend to look at the numbers.

What is sometimes overlooked until the end is what insurance company is offering the plan. After all, aren’t they all the same? It’s like when your car needs gas and there is a gas station on every corner. The gas is the same everywhere, right, so just pick the lowest price?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with medical insurance. Not all insurance companies are the same.

No matter where you live there is probably a Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) plan nearby. This BCBS review will tell you what you need to know before you buy one of their plans.

blue cross blue shield review health insurance medical insurance stack of coins and pens cory d

What Is Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a health insurer and third party administrator (TPA). The main thing they are known for is medical insurance, but they offer other lines of coverage such as dental, life, and disability insurance.

The thing that makes BCBS unique versus other health insurers is that it is not one company throughout the country. Each state’s BCBS is different from the other.

There are some coalitions between the states, however. HCSC, for example, operates through BCBS plans in Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Wellmark is BCBS of Iowa and South Dakota. Anthem is a collection of many other BCBS plans.

Although each Blue Cross plan operates as its own entity, they still share networks with each other which makes it seamless when you are in another state. For example, I live in Texas, but my employer is located in Iowa. My plan is a BCBS of Iowa plan, but I still am able to access network doctors from BCBS of Texas.

Benefits of Blue Cross Blue Shield

Quite frankly, Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the best insurance companies for members. I’m not getting anything from them to say that. They just are. Almost every doctor is in their network, they have top notch customer service, and they are competitively priced.

You can find lower priced plans, but you will give up the large network of BCBS doctors. It might not sound like that big of a deal until you realize that smaller insurers don’t have as many hospitals in their network as BCBS does.

In many locations, especially here in Texas, BCBS is sometimes the only health insurance carrier that offers plans on the ACA Exchanges.

And perhaps the biggest benefit of having a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan is that when you show your card to the kind people at the front desk, they know exactly what to do, and you can be safe knowing that there shouldn’t be any issues in verifying coverage.

Drawbacks of Blue Cross Blue Shield

Whenever you enroll in a BCBS plan you need to make sure of what kind of plan you enroll in. If you enroll in one of their HMO plans, then you may not have out-of-state coverage.

This means that if you go on vacation in another state you won’t have coverage except for emergency rooms (and those aren’t cheap).

It also means that if you have a college student in another state, or you are a college student in a different state from where your parents live, you won’t have insurance coverage.

Don’t wait until you need the insurance to find out your BCBS insurance is no good.

What Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover?

I hear this statement a lot: “Such-and-such insurance company doesn’t cover this procedure/medicine.” However, it’s not as simple as that.

Each individual insurance plan covers different procedures and medications. You must make sure that you do your homework before signing up for a plan. They must cover Essential Health Benefits as mandated by ACA, but beyond that, each plan can be different.

Make sure you check out the plan’s drug formulary to know if your medications are covered, and at what price.

If you have your plan through an employer, then there is a good chance that the employer is the one that decides what is covered (other than Essential Health Benefits, which are still required). If you have a specific coverage questions, ask the Human Resources department for clarification and the SBC.

Final Blue Cross Blue Shield Review

If you are thinking about buying a Blue Cross Blue Shield medical plan, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality plan. It will have access to as many or more doctors and facilities as any other insurance network, it is familiar to those providers, and it will be fairly priced.

Other than making sure you are comfortable with the restrictions of a BCBS HMO (if you go the HMO route), there isn’t anything to be concerned with.

Where To Buy A Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan

If you are ready to buy a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, you can check out plans and prices here.

I hope this Blue Cross Blue Shield review has been helpful. Good luck!

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Best Short Term Health Insurance – Where to Buy and What To Know

The Best Short Term Health Insurance Isn’t Hard To Find – Here’s How

Everyone gets sick. But not everyone has the means to afford quality health care. Because of this, many people don’t get the care they need and end up with a lower quality of life.

Some people simply need insurance between jobs.

A great way to deal with these problems is to buy a short term health insurance plan. But what do you look for in the best short term medical plan?

Read on.

What Is Short Term Health Insurance?

A short term, or temporary, health insurance policy is an insurance plan that provides limited, but affordable, benefits when compared to a major medical plan.

A short term plan is most beneficial for people that find themselves needing to cover themselves for a short period of time for small health care needs.

The best short term health insurance policies can be found for under $100 per month.

Who Can Best Benefit From Short Term Medical Insurance?

Short term medical insurance is best for the following group of people:

  • Individuals who find that a major medical policy is too expensive and just want something that will cover small healthcare needs.
  • People between jobs. Sometimes COBRA is too expensive and the new employer makes you wait a couple of months before you can enroll in their insurance plan.
  • People that may need to cancel quickly. A short-term health insurance plan is easy to enroll and cancel. If you go month-to-month with your payments, you can cancel at any time.
  • People that just want to be covered in the case of emergencies. This is the primary purpose of the best short term plans.
  • Self-employed individuals.

Best Short Term Health Insurance medical insurance college students family best insurance between jobs

Does Short-Term Health Insurance Cover College Students?

Temporary medical insurance is also best for college students. College students are at a smaller risk of major illnesses, and most college campuses have a clinic available for their students.

Therefore, it may only be necessary to cover emergencies, which would make college students great fits for the best short term health insurance plans.

Do Short-Term Health Insurance Plans Cover Families?

Absoultely! In fast, a short term plan can be a great option for everyone in the family when inexpensive coverage is needed. Use our free short term health insurance quote tool below to find the best short term health insurance rates in your area.




What To Look For In The Best Short Term Health Insurance

There are several things you will need to look for when it comes to finding the best short term health insurance.

  • Research several insurance companies. Look at their reputation, their policies, and their plans. Looking at a bunch of companies helps you also find the lowest rate.
  • Make sure you fully understand the benefits and what is covered. If your experience with health insurance is only through major medical plans, it is important to understand that not everything that you are used to having covered will be covered.

One great way to find the best plans with the best rates and best benefits is to look online. eHealthInsurance is one of the best around. You can find great short term health insurance rates through their easy to use site.

Great Short Term Medical Insurance Is Easy To Find

It is scary to go through life without health insurance. But getting the best short term health insurance policy can be a great way to get you through a tough time.

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How To Buy Permanent Life Insurance Without Paying Permanently

old man future past coveryoungpeople permanent life insurance dallas fort worth arlingtonYes! You Can Have Life Insurance For Your Entire Life While Only Paying Premiums For A Few Years

Many people avoid whole, or permanent, life insurance because most policies of this type require the individual to pay premiums until their death. However, this is not necessarily the case.

In some instances, a life insurance policyholder can find a plan that only requires them to pay premiums for a defined period of time, such as 3, 5, or 10 years.

While the premiums will be higher, it can be a relief to some people to know that they do not have to pay on their policy forever, especially in their senior years when they will have a diminished income.

You don’t buy life insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live.
— Unknown Author

Things To Know About Limited Pay Whole Life Insurance Policies

Paying for only a certain period of time on a whole life insurance policy is called a limited pay policy. While limited pay policies are great, there are some things you must know, such as:

  • What is the difference between a whole life policy vs. a term life policy?
  • Limited pay plans are sometimes reserved for those in good health.
  • Premiums will be higher than a conventional life insurance plan.
  • Make sure the insurance is good from Day 1.
  • Not all insurance companies offer limited pay policies.
  • Use of an insurance agent, while not required, will help you navigate your options.

Lets learn a little more about each of these…

What Is The Difference Between Whole Life and Term Life Insurance?

There are a number of types of insurance policies, but the two most popular are whole life insurance and term life insurance. This article has a good explanation of both, but to summarize, whole life insurance is a policy that is good for your entire life. As long as you continue to pay your premiums, you beneficiaries will receive a payout upon your death. The flip side is that you must pay your premiums for your entire life. For many people, this is a terrifying thought.

Term life insurance policies only have a payout if you die before a certain age, such as 60 or 65. Since the policy expires at a certain age, you only pay premiums until you reach that age. Because the policy doesn’t have a guaranteed payout, the premiums are lower than a whole life policy.

Many people accumulate enough savings during their life that they don’t believe they’ll need whole life insurance, and instead just want protection for their family in the event they die before they have had the time to save. This is the allure of a term policy.

Both types of policies are good options. It’s just a matter of which best fits your situation.

Limited Pay Policies Are Sometimes Reserved For Those In Good Health

Some insurance companies will only allow people in good health to purchase a limited pay insurance policy. Carriers like this will exclude people that have diabetes, cancer, heart problems, hepatitis, and more.

Every insurance company is different, and some are more lenient than others. Most will still allow you to be covered in one way or another, just not with limited pay options.

A good conversation with your insurance agent is the best way to fully understand your options.

Most life insurance companies will allow you to be covered one way or another.

Limited Pay Premiums Are Higher Than Conventional Premiums

As you might expect, since you are only paying premiums for a defined amount of time your premiums will be higher than if you are paying for the rest of your life.

What this means is that if you die during your payment period, you will have paid too much (assuming your family receives the full benefit, which we’ll go into in a bit). If you die after your payment period, then there is a chance that you will pay less than you would have under a typical whole life policy.

Since the premiums are higher, do your homework to determine if a limited pay policy really makes you financially better off. Just because you pay for less years doesn’t mean you’ll pay less money.

Consider these monthly rates for a 50 year old who buys a $10,000 whole life insurance plan. These rates are from an actual insurance company that my agency works with.


Conventional WL Policy
10-Year Limited Pay WL Policy
Monthly Premium
Payments After 10 Years


As you can see, while the premiums under a limited pay plan stopped after 10 years, the policyholder paid over $3,100 more than he would have under a conventional whole life policy.

A policyholder would have to pay conventional premiums for more than 18 years before he would pay what he paid under a 10-year limited pay plan.

Did he win by taking the limited pay plan? It depends on when he died. If he dies within 18 years then he spent too much money. If he lives longer than 18 years, then he saved money.

stack of coins whole permanent life insurance limited pay 10 years dallas fort worth arlington

Make Sure Life Insurance Is Good From Day 1

The payout on most limited pay plans is good from Day 1. Even if you have only paid 1 premium, if you die the next day, your family will receive the policy’s full face amount.

However, not all limited pay plans are like this. Some of them only pay a percentage of the face amount, while others just return the premium paid plus a little interest.

Make sure you fully understand how your life insurance policy works and what your beneficiaries will receive.

Not All Insurance Companies Offer Limited Pay Plans

When you go looking for life insurance, don’t assume that your favorite insurance company will offer a limited pay plan. Some do, some don’t. And those that do will sometimes require good health.

Even if you can’t find a good limited pay plan, you will still be able to get some life insurance, even if you have to pay a little bit more for a guaranteed issue life insurance plan.

And who can help you out with all of that?

A Good Life Insurance Agent Will Help You Navigate Your Options

The internet has made it much easier to buy things on our own. Insurance is one of those things. However, there is some nuance that is required to buy the right insurance policy for you and your family. Expertise is still required.

This is where a good insurance agent comes in handy. Your agent will be able to talk you through various options and make sure a limited pay plan is right for you.

Agents work on commission, but you won’t get a better rate by cutting out the agent. The insurance company will just pocket that commission themselves.

silhouette of a family holding hands walking through a big red heart whole permanent life insurance gee insurance solutions arlington fort worth dallas

Permanent Life Insurance Doesn’t Have To Mean Permanent Premiums

While it is possible to have a permanent life insurance policy that doesn’t require premiums to be paid for the rest of your life, you need to make sure that it makes sense for you and your family.

Also make sure that you understand the financial risk/reward for buying a limited pay whole life insurance policy. The last thing anyone wants is to spend money on something that isn’t worthwhile, so do your due diligence with your agent to buy the right plan.

Life insurance is one of the best ways to show your family you love them. Death will come to all of us, and we need to make sure we financially protect our family one way or another.

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What Is Medical Malpractice and How To Do Something About It

It’s the worst possible scenario when you or a loved one has a medical procedure performed. The medical staff made a mistake resulting in injury or death to the patient. This can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is when a doctor, other medical staff, or a medical facility has failed to live up to its obligations as a medical provider, resulting in death or injury to the patient. It usually results from medical negligence, which is an unintentional mistake on the part of medical personnel.

How To Determine If Malpractice Was Committed?

Did the medical personnel act any different that others would have in the same circumstance? This is a good way to know if you have a malpractice claim.

Determining if malpractice has been committed during medical treatment depends on whether the medical personnel acted in a different way than most professionals would have acted in similar circumstances.

A common occurrence of medical malpractice happens during surgery. Maybe the surgeon gets in there and operates on the wrong part. Maybe a piece of equipment gets left in a patient. These sound extreme, and yes they are rare, but they do happen.

However, not all medical malpractice suits are as easy to determine. Maybe a mistake was made while the physician had to make a quick decision. That makes it harder to prove that another provider would have easily done something different. In the heat of the moment, even physicians cannot be expected to be 100% correct.

Do Medical Malpractice Suits End Up In Court?

Most medical malpractice suits are settled out of court. Hospitals usually prefer to pay the patient or his/her family a sum of money to avoid going to court.

However, if the hospital really feels like they or their physician didn’t do anything wrong, then you may end up in front of a judge or jury.

How Best To Handle A Medical Malpractice Claim?

Being the victim of medical malpractice is a frustrating and infuriating experience. The first thing you want to do is hire a great attorney. Hospitals and physicians have powerful people working on their side. So do the insurance companies. You need to make sure you have qualified counsel working for you.

Your attorney will probably work on a “contingency” basis, meaning he or she will only get paid if you receive a settlement. The lawyer will take a percentage of the settlement as payment.

If You Feel You Were Wronged Do Something About It

Learning what is medical malpractice is just the first step. The second step is to hire an attorney. After that, it will probably be a long and winding process. But with some patience and good legal counsel, you will be able to recover for the injury or death that happened to your or a loved one because of a mistake made by a doctor or medical facility.

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