2015 Hawaii Health Insurance Marketplace Tax Subsidy Income Level Chart

While most states use the same income ranges to determine eligibility for tax subsidies through the health insurance marketplace, Hawaii has a different range.  Below is the range for Hawaii residents.  Be sure to read up on other rules to find out if you can receive premium assistance.  Or if you prefer, simply use our subsidy calculator tool.

Hawaii Health Insurance Marketplace Tax Subsidy Requirements

Income levels required to receive tax subsidies on health insurance plans purchased on the marketplace.
Number of People in Household
Lower Premiums if income is between:$13,420 – $53,680$18,090 – $72,360$22,760 – $91,040$27,430 – $109,720$32,100 – $128,400$36,770 – $147,080
Lower Premiums AND Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs if income is between:$13,420 – $33,550$18,090 – $45,225$22,760 – $56,900$27,430 – $68,575$32,100 – $80,250$36,770 – $91,925
You may qualify for Medicaid if your income is below:$18,699$25,295$31,892$38,488$45,085$51,681


Health insurance marketplace tax subsidies are a great way to help pay for the cost of insurance when you buy a plan. Make sure to take advantage.

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